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Major Conversion is a web design and CRM company that services the Ocala area. Let’s take your business online today! Get started!

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"So What Exactly Do you offer?..."

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Major Conversion Builds…

Your Website

As an experienced web development company, we’ll build you an effective and beautiful website. If you already have one, we can build you a new (and likely better) one.

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Major Conversion Provides…

Your CRM

Manage all of your business’s communications! Reviews, website chat, text marketing, social media, payments, and more!

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Major Conversion Performs…

Your Google Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps you stand out on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more! We’ll make sure your website is setup as appropriately as we can to appear higher on search engines like Google! In addition to that, we can also help with getting you a Google Business Profile to support your business!

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Major Conversion Provides…

Your Training

Through our basic-advanced training, we can help provide some educational support for business owners of all levels. There’s advice on marketing, business, administrative tasks, and soon will include even more!

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Major Conversion Provides…

Your Peer Network

Collaborate alongside people with like passions as you do. Network with other business owners as well as learn more about how others are building their businesses!

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Major Conversion Is…

Your Support

Through our basic-advanced support tiers, we can provide support to business owners at any level of tech-savviness. Whether you prefer us to make changes to your website for you, or you would prefer to make them yourself, we can help!

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"Sounds Too Good to be true...Is It?"

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“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

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Verified MajorConversion User
Dakota G.

“Phenomenal client care. Supportive and informative throughout the entire brand-building process. And I mean it.”

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Verified MajorConversion User
Marguerite C.
“Reliable. Extremely reliable and knowledgeable in what your doing. Very patient. Regardless of how many changes I need, you guys always make it happen.”
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Verified MajorConversion User
Fred S.
“Your company is what I would consider is a non-corporate, but down to earth business, to help the average business in a way that makes a difference for us. Your taking care of us from a grass roots perspective. Sincerely, like family.

"Is there anything else i should know?..."

Yes. Here's Our Amenities.

24/7 Support Availability

We Accept Debit & Credit Cards

Bank Transfer payment accepted

"There's Plenty of programs like this..... i think.....anyways, why should i go with you?"

Our Why.

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This web design company, Major Conversion, started up in response to the seemingly 600+ steps to getting a business online. After years of experience with marketing and growing businesses, we've managed to cut through the noise and figure out what actually gets results for small business owners. As a small business ourselves, you can trust us. We're in it together my friend.

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"can your websites integrate with my current technologies (ie. CRM, etc.)?"

We Integrate With (Practically) Everything.

For you more tech savvy folks:

We built all of our websites on WordPress, one of the world’s most widely used CMS’s.

In my experience, WordPress integrates with practically anything and everything.

Zapier also has an integration for wordpress, so we know that it at least integrates with a minimum of roughly 5,000+ applications.

More so, WordPress also allows for users to develop their own custom plugins. This means that if you are a large enterprise company using your own proprietary software, you can integrate your website to your software by developing a plugin for it.

Our Local Location & Service Area

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Ocala, Florida

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