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"Do I really Need A Good Website?..."

Why Web Design?

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According to Semrush, there’s 246 million unique Google users in the US. According to a quick Google search I just did, there’s 331.9 million people in the US.

According to the default calculator on my computer, that means that 74.11% of all people in the US are using Google. What should you make of that? Can’t say, BUT, I’ll tell you what that tells me.

That tells me that if I’m not on Google yet, I NEED to be. Obviously, everyone generally figures that much once they hear those statistics. Because everyone realizes they need to get online, they go out and get themselves online! Siteefy makes note that roughly 252,000 sites are made every….single…day.

Good luck standing out. Or trying to figure out how to make something that looks even close to decent.

“But my site has a logo my nephew made” you might say. That’s awesome.

Anyways, if you’re wondering how much a professional web design agency charges, scroll down below.

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"How much does that normally cost?..."

Web Design Industry Pricing

Agencies tend to vary widely based on a number of factors. For example, how many hours the project will take, how much money they think they can charge for it and still get the sale, the mood they’re in, etc.

I remember building a website for a client one time for approx. 1k-2k I believe (don’t quote me on that). As our relationship grew, this business (it was a law firm) then revealed to me that they were quoted around $65,000 for web design from a competing agency.

Later on, I learned that an easy way to distinguish yourself from your competition is to charge so much for the same product, that it seems like the cheaper option MUST be missing out on something or doing something horrifically wrong.

Based on my experience in seeing these things, it was apparent that you can, in fact, charge for thin air.

We don’t believe in that.

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"What's so special about your pricing?..."

In short, we don't break your wallet.

here's how.

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In our experience, there is a strategic advantage in being either the most expensive or least expensive in the marketplace. There’s not many benefits, if any, in being somewhere in the middle.

With said, rather than being outrageously costly, we have chosen to be as low priced as we can without compromising quality in any major way while still making some level of a profit (this is a business & not a charity after all).

We do offer a super super pro enterprise plan with SEO and some level of content marketing included, starting at around 10k. That plan is really only a good fit (in our opinion) for businesses doing at least 150k profit per year.

Our Main Plan, without getting too detailed or technical, we offer web design absolutely for FREE, just cover hosting (roughly $30-$50 per month).

If you’d like more info on our plans and you’d like to get your business online, then let’s get started!

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"Sounds Too Good to be true...Is It?"

see for yourself.

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

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Verified MajorConversion User
Dakota G.

“Phenomenal client care. Supportive and informative throughout the entire brand-building process. And I mean it.”

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Verified MajorConversion User
Marguerite C.
“Reliable. Extremely reliable and knowledgeable in what your doing. Very patient. Regardless of how many changes I need, you guys always make it happen.”
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Verified MajorConversion User
Fred S.
“Your company is what I would consider is a non-corporate, but down to earth business, to help the average business in a way that makes a difference for us. Your taking care of us from a grass roots perspective. Sincerely, like family.

"Is there anything else i should know?..."

Yes. Here's Our Amenities.

24/7 Support Availability

We Accept Debit & Credit Cards

Bank Transfer payment accepted

"There's Plenty of programs like this..... i think.....anyways, why should i go with you?"

Our Why.

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This web design company, Major Conversion, started up in response to the seemingly 600+ steps to getting a business online. After years of experience with marketing and growing businesses, we've managed to cut through the noise and figure out what actually gets results for small business owners. As a small business ourselves, you can trust us. We're in it together my friend.

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"can your websites integrate with my current technologies (ie. CRM, etc.)?"

We Integrate With (Practically) Everything.

For you more tech savvy folks:

We built all of our websites on WordPress, one of the world’s most widely used CMS’s.

In my experience, WordPress integrates with practically anything and everything.

Zapier also has an integration for wordpress, so we know that it at least integrates with a minimum of roughly 5,000+ applications.

More so, WordPress also allows for users to develop their own custom plugins. This means that if you are a large enterprise company using your own proprietary software, you can integrate your website to your software by developing a plugin for it.

Need A Website But Don't Know Where To Start?

Meet MajorConversion.

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