Social Media vs Website

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Social media vs website. Wondering which to use, or maybe which one is best for you? Learn about some of their similarities and more in this article.

This article may 2 clear (or arguably relatively clear) similarities and differences between both social media and websites.

Social Media vs Website Similarities

Between both social media branding and your website, both may serve to be useful for branding. Generally, when I think of nearly any established business, they generally always are having both social media and a website, as far as i’m aware. Essentially, this is possibly giving that sense of professionality to a given business or company.

Another similarity is that both can be used to promote specific products or services. With both social media and your website, the opportunity to make posts is available. On your website it may be done possibly as a blog post which may be more fitting to have longer form content than just a short blurb like would generally be seen on a social media post, however, the same concept applies!

Social Media vs Website Differences

Social media profile and posts are generally free, which can be a benefit to those who are on a bit tigher of a budget. Websites generally may cost money for the design of the site, as well as then for hosting and other services, which can sometimes be quite expensive.

Social media followers and whatnot are generally owned by the platform that you are using. To further explain, if the platform decides to ban your account then you may have just effectively possibly lost all of your followers on that platform. A website on the other hand may be moreso treated as if it is a platform but with you as the owner. In this manner of thinking, unless you decide to take your site down yourself (excluding factors such as hackers, viruses, etc.) it shouldn’t go down.

Both have their own pros and cons, however, even if you are on a tight budget – doing both may be possible. Since social media is generally free, the price points of doing both comes in with the website. Although quite a few web design companies charge for their web design and development services, there are options available. Major Conversion is a web design company that has a pricing option in which they offer free web design and development services as long as you choose to use them for hosting and maintenance of your website (only $50 per month as of time of writing this (4/29/2024)).